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       Dice Quotation Specs



Dice Quotation Specs

We will be pleased to send a quotation for your Dice requirements.

Please complete the following information and hit submit.

We will be back to you soon with details or any questions.



City State/Postcode Country

Phone Email

Dice Specification:

Quantity (Number of Pair) Size

Color: Select one.

Red Tangerine Dark Red Dark Blue
Pink Green Amber Black White

Spot: Select one.

Flush Ring Eye (Single Ring)   Birdís Eye (Double Ring)

Edge: Razor Feather

Cornered: Yes No

Finish: Polished Sanded

Reverse 2-3: Yes No

 Letter Spot: Yes No Letter/Number Location

 Glow Spot: Yes No Location

Logo: Yes No

Pai Gow Dice: Regular Diagonal

Sets: Number of Sets Number per Set

Serial Numbers: Yes No Start at End at

Wrappers: Yes No Midwest Gold Plain Gold

Bulk Pack: Yes No

   Additional Specifications, Instructions or Comments:



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