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       Anti-Fatigue Mats



Anti-Fatigue Mats

Reduce employee leg and back aches with Anti-Fatigue Mats.

Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats provide a dual action blend with bouyant polymer sponge and vertical column support domes. They encourage a subtle and constant series of small adjustments to leg and calf muscles. Adjusting to the flexibility of the mat increases blood flow by the interaction between muscles and veins, resulting in improved circulation and reduced fatigue.

Available in two thicknesses:

The 1" Super Duty Mat is the preferred mat for all Table Games areas.

Product Codes:

Heavy Duty 5/8" Thick Mats

2'x3' - MW-RHM-AntiFatigueMat23

3'x5' - MW-RHM-AntiFatigueMat35

Super Duty 1" Thick Mats

2'x3' - MW-RHM-SDAntiFatigueMat23

3'x5' - MW-RHM-SDAntiFatigueMat35

There is a 5 year warranty.

With a minimum order of 50 mats our anti-fatigue mats are also available with your advertising message or Casino logo.

These "Billboard" mats are available in four sizes.

Billboard utilizes a state of the art printing process on a 3/32" heavy duty tile surface permanently bonded to a 3/8" resilient closed cell polymer sponge base. Overall thickness is 1/2". Edges are beveled.

Product Codes:

2'x3' - MW-RHM-BillBoardMat23

3'x4' - MW-RHM-BillBoardMat34

3'x5' - MW-RHM-BillBoardMat35

4'x6' - MW-RHM-BillBoardMat46

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