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       Logo Items - Promote Your Corporate Image



Logo Items - Promote Your Corporate Image

Keep your Logo and Name in front of your patrons whenever they visit your Casino.

Subliminal advertising works...

Keep them coming back....

Acrylic Dice Bowl

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoDiceBowl

Chip Fill Carriers

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoChipFillCarrier

Cut Cards

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoCutCardsBJ

Toke Boxes

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoTokeBox

Chip Spacers

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoChipSpacer

Dealing Shoes

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoDealingShoe

Discard Racks

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoDiscardRack

Money Paddles

Product Code: MW-APG-LogoMoneyPaddle


Call Sam Green (816) 628-2299 for pricing and minimum order requirements on logo products.

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