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       Chip Storage Cabinets & Carts



Chip Storage Cabinets & Carts

Product Code: MW-RC-ChipStorage

Used for storage of filled chip racks, with maximum security locking systems.

Product Codes:

MW-RC-CB-610-D-ChipStorage - 12 bays, 20 racks high
MW_RC-CB-610-E-ChipStorage - 16 bays; 20 racks high
MW-RC-CB-610-F-ChipStorage 20 bays; 20 racks high

All are 39" tall, 12" deep and stack 20 racks high
Each bay holds 20 racks
Sliding Lexan doors

Three ways to use:
On existing work surface
Attach to structural wall
Use with risers to increase height from floor
High security locking system, with changeable locking barrels
Single depth storage

Product Code: MW-RC-ChipStorageCabinet

Call to discuss available sizes.

Each drawer holds 28 chip racks.

Each double cabinet can have up to 18 drawers.

Each drawer has a high security lock keyed to your personal requirements.

This cart to be used by cage and security personnel during the transfer of chip racks from the casino cage to the casino pit.

The RC-UT-611 will carry 50 racks of standard chips 10 racks per shelf

Rear hinged locking doors
Multiple powder coat colors including wood grains

44"Tall X 17.25"Wide X 17.25"Deep

Product Code: MW-RC-UT-611ChipCart


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