Chipper Champ 2

  • Sorts up to 500 chips per minute
  • The quietest chipper ever made
  • Quick and easy 'one chip' programming
  • Automatic variable speed
  • Fast switching of value chip columns for improved security and surveillance
  • Lighter and more manoeuvrable
  • Built in diagnostics and error indicators
  • Updated with latest technology components
  • Designed for low cost maintenance
  • Number of parts greatly reduced
  • Chip counter - total and by columns
  • Sealed hopper and improved funnel design eliminates chip spillage

Product Code: MW-TC-Chipper-Ch2

Chipper Champ Plus

  • Sorts 300 - 500 chips per minute
  • Simple to program - without removing covers
  • Automatic variable speed
  • Identifies & quarantines suspect & counterfeit chips
  • Operates continuously 24 hours a day
  • Statistical and Diagnostic Reporting
  • Column Full Detection
  • Integrated IP networking
  • Available in any color to match your casino décor

Product Code: MW-TC-Chipper-ChPlus



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