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       Midi Baccarat Table Quotation Specs



Midi Baccarat Table Quotation Specs

We will be pleased to send a quotation for your Midi Baccarat Table (9 Player) requirements.

Please complete the following information and hit submit.

Our Design Team will be back to you soon with details or any questions.



City State/Postcode Country

Phone Email

Table Specifications


Table Height:

Standard 30" (from floor to Top of Table - EXCLUDING Armrest)

Shape of Table Top:

 Standard "D" Shape - 94"x68"   Heptagonal Bean Shape

Type of Table Top:

Single Level Top

Two Tier Top  If two tier... Standard 9 Player

Player Divider Finish: Stained to Match Base Custom

Reversible Exchangeable

Table Padding:

1/4" High Density Foam KNR Felt None Other

Bill Slot Cut-Out:

Yes No Standard Multi-Shift

Position Required

Toke Slot Cut-Out:

Yes Position No

Float Tray Cut-Out:

Yes No

Float Tray Type: Standard Air Rac System Hideaway Hardwood

Size: 12 Tube 15 Tube 20 Tube - Hardwood Only

Hardwood 20 Tube Tray Specifications:

Lock Hole Only Lock Hole, Lock & Key Required Finish

  In-Line Marker Rack:

Yes 12 Tube 15 Tube 20 Tube No

Discard Bin Cut-Out:

Yes No

Standard Custom Specify Location


Type - Flat Fluted Not Required

Cut-Outs - Yes No

Quantity: Drink Holders AshTrays Size - Standard Jumbo

DrinkRail Type: Wood Laminate Veneer Solid Surface Other

Finish - Specify

If Wood or Veneer, is Varnish or Polyester coating required?

Varnish Specify

Polyester Specify


Leather Vinyl Wood Color

Cut-Outs - Yes No

Quantity: Drink Holders AshTrays Size - Standard Jumbo

Back Bar:

Standard Black Matte Laminated To Match Base Custom


Brass Aluminum


X Legs H Legs Tapered Barrel Base (Executive) "W" Style Base

Custom Base Requirements

Base Finish:

Material - Hardwood Veneer Laminate Upholstered

Specify Color/Finish

Base Specifications:

Drop Box Cut-Out - Yes Type

Louvers Panel

Kick Plate - Yes Size - 10" 4" Custom

Kick Plate Type - Brushed Brass Brushed Aluminum Custom

Recessed - Yes No

Chip Tray Cover Storage - Yes No If yes- Lined in Acoustical Carpet

Date & Power Receptacles: Quantity - Data Power

Receptacle Positions

Handwheels ("H"&"X" Style Legs Only)

Stretcher Bar:

(To Match Base)- Yes No If No: Specify


Yes  No Louver Panels on Doors

Lock Holes - Yes No

Locks - Yes Lock Type No Locks

Locks Keyed Alike (Multiple Tables) - Yes No

Door Handles - Yes No

Type of Door Handles -

4" Black Inset Aluminum Brass Other


Yes No

Type: Brushed Brass Brushed Aluminum Brushed Stainless

Polished Brass Polished Aluminum Polished Stainless


FootRail Size: 1 1/4" 2"

Center Floor Support Quantity

Feet Required:

Yes No

Adjustable Non-Adjustable Brass Aluminum

Layouts Required:

Yes No Quantity

Layout Installation Required - Yes No


Crating - Yes No Blanket Wrap - Yes No

   Additional Specifications or Comments:



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