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       Poker Table Quotation Specs



Poker Table Quotation Specs

We will be pleased to send a quotation for your Poker Table requirements.

Please complete the following information and hit submit.

Our Design Team will be back to you soon with details or any questions.



City State/Postcode Country

Phone Email

Table Specifications


Table Type:

Height - 30" (floor to top of table, excluding Armrest) Other Specify

Type of Table

If Specialized/Custom Top - Size Details

Table Padding:

1/4" High Density Foam KNR Felt None Other

Poker Slide Cut-Out:

Yes No Standard Multi-Shift

Position Required

Bill Slot Cut-Out:

Yes Position Required No

Toke Slot Cut-Out:

Yes Position No

Float Tray Cut-Out:

Yes No

Size: 6 Tube Custom


Type - Flat Fluted Not Required

Cut-Outs - Yes No

Quantity: Drink Holders AshTrays Size - Standard Jumbo

DrinkRail Type: Wood Laminate Veneer Solid Surface Other

Finish - Specify

If Wood or Veneer, is Varnish or Polyester coating required?

Varnish Specify

Polyester Specify


Leather Vinyl Wood Color

Dealer Cut-Out (Standard) No

Cut-Outs - Yes No

Quantity: Drink Holders AshTrays Size - Standard Jumbo

Back Bar:

Standard Black Matte Laminated To Match Base Custom


Brass Aluminum


Custom Base Requirements

Base Finish:

Material - Hardwood Veneer Laminate Upholstered

Specify Color/Finish

Base Specifications:

Kick Plate - Yes Size - 10" 4" Custom

Kick Plate Type - Brushed Brass Brushed Aluminum Custom

Recessed - Yes No

Date & Power Receptacles: Quantity - Data Power

Receptacle Positions

Handwheels ("H"&"X" Style Legs Only)

Stretcher Bar:

(To Match Base)- Yes No If No: Specify


Yes  No

Lock Holes - Yes No

Locks - Yes Lock Type No Locks

Locks Keyed Alike (Multiple Tables) - Yes No

Door Handles - Yes No

Type of Door Handles -

4" Black Inset Aluminum Brass Other


Yes No

Dealer Cut-Out: Yes No

Type: Brushed Brass Brushed Aluminum Brushed Stainless

Polished Brass Polished Aluminum Polished Stainless


FootRail Size: 1 1/4" 2"

Center Floor Support Quantity

Feet Required:

Yes No

Adjustable Non-Adjustable Brass Aluminum

Layouts Required:

Yes No Quantity

Layout Installation Required - Yes No


Crating - Yes No Blanket Wrap - Yes No

   Additional Specifications or Comments:



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