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Retail Products

Our normal policy is to sell direct to Casinos but occasionally we do have a few over-runs, excess inventory, or trade-ins that we make available to the public.

We currently have limited supplies of the following products.... Use the Request Info form for pricing or call Bob Wilson (816) 628-2299 Ext 115.

Sets of 3 - Green Serialized Logo Dice

Sticks of 5 - Red Serialized Dice

Sets of 3 - Blue Bird's Eye Logo Serialized Dice

Sets of 3 Red Logo Serialized Dice


Game Dice - "Near Perfects" - Lots of 20

Sets of 3 - Red Bird's Eye Logo Serialized Dice

10 Tube ABS Plastic Poker Chip Tray

12 Tube ABS Plastic Poker Chip Tray

2 Deck Red Discard Rack

6 Deck Red Discard Rack

If you are looking for other products for a game room in your home, or for a charity event, please use the Request Info form and we will check what we have available to fill your needs.


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